On Tap Now

Hurricane Hefe: German Wheat     4.7%      15 IBU
Bananas are scarce after the end…but are evident here along with clove’s subtlety.

Watermelon “Crack”: Fruit beer      4.4%      25 IBU
Once you go “crack”, you will be back for this fresh taste of endless summer.

Big Barley II: Barleywine      16%      76 IBU
American style Barleywine with a firm hop bitterness and a smooth malt base. Dangerously drinkable.

Oertel’s 1912: Dark Cream ale      4.5%      27 IBU
Resurrected from the original 1912 recipe and brought back to life, crisp and refreshing.

Pumpernickel: Specialty    5.2%       33 IBU
Pumpernickel bread, nuf said.

Cream-ation: Cream Ale      4.9%      15 IBU
No ashes, just clean malt flavor with a crisp finish.

Fallout Dust: Specialty      4.6%      41 IBU
After the blast, a sprinkling of peppercorns to pepper your palate.

Atomic Amber: American Amber Ale      5.3%      39%
Caramel maltiness with a hint of roast that “explodes” with drinkability.

R.I.P. Rye IPA:  IPA      6.7%      68 IBU
Deathly amounts of hops with some rye, a great choice for your last beer.

O’Danny Pivo: Specialty, Gluten-free      3.3%      25 IBU
Designed and brewed for any celiac. Its clean, fresh flavor is a different kind of “beer”.