Beers We Brew

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Badlands Bitter: Ordinary Bitter      4.2%      34 IBU
A traditional English style pub ale, full flavor and lower-alcohol with a crisp finish.

Cream-ation: Cream Ale      4.7%      15.3 IBU
No ashes, just clean malt flavor with a crisp finish.

Golden Age: Cream Ale      4.9%      15 IBU
A twist on the Cream ale style using British malts.

Blond Bombshell: Blond Ale      4.9%      25 IBU
Light but with a depth of malt character throughout.

Smashing Blond: Blond Ale      5.1%      28.6 IBU
A bit of malt, a bit of hops; a beer for the masses sustainable for the long-term.

Atomic Amber: American Amber Ale      5.3%      39%
Caramel maltiness with a hint of roast that “explodes” with drinkability.

Hoptoberfest:  German Lager     5.2%      26 IBU
Toasty, malty and a bit hoppy, everything you like in an Autumn lager.

Hurricane Hefe: German Hefeweizen      5.5%     14 IBU
Bananas are scarce after the end…but are evident here along with clove’s subtlety.

Dystopian Dunkle: German Dunkleweizen      4.7%      14.3 IBU
A dark German-style Wheat for those crisp fall days.

29th Day APA: American Pale Ale      4.6%      41 IBU
The beer that survived past the 28th day with an assertive amount of American hops, a clean malt flavor and a dry finish.

R.I.P. Rye: Rye IPA      7.7%      68.7 IBU
Deathly amounts of hops with some rye, a great choice for your last beer.

Apollo IPA:  IPA      7%      75.9 IBU
Tropical Fruit, Citrus, floral, lemon and Grapefruity IPA.

Hoptrocution: Imperial IPA      10%      110? IBU
Fill your nose with a blast of citrus hops and enjoy the big, smooth hop flavor.

Butchertown Brown: N. English Brown      4.8%      36.2 IBU
A classic Northern English Brown, lots of toasty malts to keep your palette engaged.

KY Hop-Brown: American Brown      5.8%      49.3 IBU
Toasty, nutty and oh so hoppy!

Pestilence Porter: Brown Porter      5.8%      28.7 IBU
Smooth dark chocolate and roasted malt flavors with a hint of nuttiness.

Smokin’ Pyres Porter: Smoked Robust Porter  6.7%  35 IBU
As the planet burns, take respite in the rich chocolatey, smoked and roasted malt flavor.

Sunspot Stout: Oatmeal Stout      6%      34.4 IBU
Oatmeal stout, rich and full-bodied, lots of roasted malt, perhaps from solar flares.

Tu-pocalypse Stout: American Stout      6.2%      61 IBU
Velvety, smooth and rich with dark chocolate and roast.

Coco Stout: specialty      4.6%      34 IBU
Cacao Nibs give this chocolaty stout it’s name. Rich and smooth.

Licorice Stout: Specialty      5.8%      35 IBU
Good-N-Plenty, nuff said.

Pumpkin Stout: Specialty      5.5%      29 IBU
Sweet stout, with loads of pumpkin and a dash of fresh spices.

St. Christopher: Abbey Trippel      10.1%      56.3 IBU
Big and complex with a mixture of Belgian citrus and spice.

Big Barley: English Barleywine      13.7%      58.6 IBU
A bigger, maltier English Barleywine…food for your survival!

Big Barley II: American Barleywine      13.7%      167 IBU
A bigger, hop monster of a Barleywine…your tastebuds will thank you.

Watermelon Crack: Fruit beer      4.5%       32 IBU
Once you go “crack”, you will be back for this fresh taste of endless summer.

Fallout Dust: Specialty      4.6%      41 IBU
After the blast, a sprinkling of peppercorns to pepper your palate.

Irish Red Rapture: Irish Red      5.9%     26 IBU
Toffee and Caramel malt flavors blend in rapturous harmony with a wee bit of roast.

ABW Hop Project: APA       4.5%       42 IBU
A sessionable American Pale Ale brewed to showcase a single hop.

New Madrid Mild: English Mild      3.4%      22 IBU
Shake your notion of a session beer with these rich malt and nutty flavors.

Oertel’s 1912: Dark Cream      4.5%      29 IBU
Brewed from the original recipe from the Oertel’s Brewery from 1912. Crisp, clean and very drinkable with a hint of caramel malt.

O’Danny Pivo: Gluten-free/specialty      5%      27 IBU
Designed and brewed for any celiac. Its clean, fresh flavor is a different kind of “beer”.