Apocalypse Brew Works

Rotating Beer Selection on Our 10 Taps

29th Day APA

The beer that survived past the 28th day with
an assertive amount of American hops, a clean malt flavor and a dry finish

Atomic Amber

Caramel malts with a hint of roast that explodes the notion of "drinkability".

Tu-pocalypse Stout

No holigram but some velvety darkness with rich chocolate and roasted notes, smooth and full-bodied.

Hurricane Hefe

Blows through like a wind through a field of wheat 
Bananas are scarce after the end...but are evident here along with clove's subtlety.

Dystopian Dunkleweizen

A dark German-style Wheat for those crisp fall days.

Kentucky Hop-Brown

Toasty, nutty and oh so hoppy!


No ashes, just clean malt flavor with a crisp finish.


Deathly amounts of hops with some rye, a great choice for your last beer.

Fallout Dust (pepper beer)

After the blast, a sprinkling of peppercorns to pepper your palette.

Blond Bombshell

A bit of malt, a bit of hops; a beer for the masses sustainable for the long-term.

Butchertown Brown

A classic Northern English Brown, lots of toasty malts to keep your palette engaged.

Sunspot Stout

Oatmeal stout, rich and full-bodied, lots of roasted malt.

Watermelon Crack

Once you go "crack", you will be back for this fresh taste of endless summer.

O'Danny Pivo (gluten-free)

Designed and brewed for any celiac. Its clean, fresh flavor is a different kind of "beer".


Apocalypse is here...Drink Beer Til The End.


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